Windows 2000 on modern PC +i9900kf + z390

Hello forum! Hello Fernando! Big thanks for your work. I have succesfully installed Windows XP on my PC(i9900kf, z390, 2x16 gb ram) using those. Now, I want to install Windows 2000 on this PC, but i have some trouble with that. When I try to start setup from CD, error message show up "0x000000A5". If I press F7 then show up error "0x0000007B". I had the same error messages when I try to install Windows XP, but it was fixed by integrating your AHCI driver. So I try to integrate same AHCI driver (DEV_A352 added by Fernando) in Windows 2000 ISO, but when I run setup it shows error message "iaStor.sys" is corrupted. I have Windows X86 ISO and I downloaded 32-bit driver from your Thread. Also I tried :
1. Disable USB ports, LAN, AUDIO in BIOS, using only PS/2 keyboard = same 7B error
2. Plug obly 2Gb of DDR4 RAM using adapter DIMM-SODIMM = same 7B error
3. Install Windows 2000 on my Old PC (Intel G31 LGA775 2 Gb Ram, it installed well) and connect HDD to New PC = error 0x000000C2. Then I try to fix that error and replace acpi.sys in Windows folder, and again 7B on the screen.

Is that possible to install Win2000 on Z390 Board? Do I need certain AHCI driver to run setup? Please, help me. Thank you so much again!


Windows 2000 - No
Windows XP - Yes - you’ll need patched drivers though - I can send you some links if you’re interested.

I have succeeded with Windows XP, its working well. So no any chance to run Win 2000 on that PC? Thank you


There is a chance, someone would need to implement the missing functions in ntoskrnl to get drivers working - not alot of enthusiasm for windows 2000 though so it is unlikely, but it is possible.

thanks for you help!

Try UniATA driver. Link: