Windows 64-Bit OS AMD Discussions XP 2003

Windows 64-Bit OS AMD Discussions XP 2003

I’d like to be able to install XP on AM4, I might be the only one interested though.

I’m willing to donate some money towards an AM3+ board


Thanks. At the moment the board I wanted to get with original packaging and contents can cost up to $300 max with shipping due to its rarity minus the CPU. This is Stage 1. But I’m willing to chip in my own funds to the motherboard if it exceeds this value on bidding since I’m also interested in getting AM4 chipsets to work on XP just to see if it’s possible to expand the XP retro community further to the other side and not just on Intel only.

But remember there’s no guarantee of AM4 running XP but this motherboard will help bridge the gap into my tests that will will later be conducted on the AM4 MB. But if it does work I will revise a specific AM4 XP OS installation guide to complement the Intel one. You can send me a private message and how much you think you can contribute towards this AMD 990FX AM3+ Motherboard for Stage 1.

I have already bought a cheap used AM3+ CPU I ordered just for power on testing (don’t know if it works yet since I lost the MB bid) and if anyone is interested in me testing an AM3+ 8 Core AMD CPU and iGPU on XP and comparing it versus a Ryzen 1 or 2 benchmark when XP is working on AM4 they can contribute towards that CPU for testing. The 8 Core AM3+ with iGPU ballparks around up to $150 max with tax. I will supply my own CPU cooling solution if necessary.

I will note on the Final Guide that you were also a contributor when / if I get XP OS installed on the AMD AM4 MB successfully.

Contributors will be the first ones to know and can recommend which parts they are specifically funding. I am also open to donation of the used parts if you have any of these already.

Stage 2 will be getting a Ryzen CPU for real testing on the AM4 motherboard. I may choose to get a Ryzen 2 7nm CPU as the first test since AM4 motherboards should support this with a BIOS update in the future.

The Final Stage 3 is can it be run fanless so that the XP system will never fail on the AM4 for 24/7 operation. The budget for fanless CPU cooling for this might up to $200 max as I prefer quiet and lower powered systems that last forever.

Purchase cheapest AM3+ or cheapest 990FX board for this testing, why try to source the most expensive when your main goal is only to get OS working on AM3+ or 990FX chipset? You may be able to reach the goal and get a board much easier that way too

There were many factors in choosing my particular main AMD board prototype for XP bridging to AM4. Shared on board devices between the AMD and the Intel version. Could compare how each installed the same onboard devices and a well designed motherboard layout with legacy slots compatibility. Don’t want to be wasteful to get any generic AM3+ board which will make it much harder to experiment and do comparisons and this would be the first older XP compatible modern AMD board I will be using as I intend to continue using the AM3+ board for legacy benchmarks. I don’t deal a lot with AMD so the first modern one has to be one where I’m most familiar with the brand and also on board devices and BIOS features.

For now I do not see enough interest in XP on AM4 other than one user and I chose not to take their money in the end so this project is halted. But I may pursue it on my own if I can acquire the board sometime in the future at a cheaper cost with all original items and my own time table to experiment.

I’ll see what other people may be interested for another month but I suspect no more interest for AMD and Intel is still the best for XP compatibility.

I didn’t think of all that other stuff you also look into, sorry for speaking up I do get exactly what you mean and why, now that you explained it all.

Just an update I did get that 990FX motherboard. :slight_smile:

How to install Windows XP OS on AMD (AM3+ 990FX and AM4 X370 Ryzen 7)

If anyone is still interested in XP on Ryzen, Polling is still live again. Maybe there is still further interest now that Ryzen 7nm is out. Ryzen9 16 Cores / 32 Threads in September.


would you like to try my XP install image that works on my B350 motherboard?

Looks like some AMD 300 series MBs will not support the Rzyen 3000 CPUs.

This one affects my Asus X370-A MB. There seems to be no sign of a BIOS update for Ryzen 3000 series even today for it. The AsRock X370 Non-A MB has Support for Ryzen 7 3900X 12 Cores / 24 Threads with 110 Watts TDP which is the same as the Ryzen 9 3950X 16 Cores / 32 Threads. So that would indicate X370 non-A MBs will have a good chance at supporting the highest end 16 Cores CPU in 9-9-2019 expected launch date.

I wonder if this is deliberate as both models supported the same early gen Bristol Ridge CPUs so what’s different between the two motherboards that the X370-A is missing?

Hi all, new member, first post! I’m very interested in making this happen. I’d like to be able to install WinXP x64 on an AM4 rather than x86 just to use all the RAM above the 4GB barrier. Don’t mind running the 32bit Windows XP though.

I haven’t bought my PC yet, so I’m looking at a mobo that can run WinXP better.



diderius6 and I have managed to get 32-bit XP to work on ryzen

Windows XP SP3 32bit and modern PC parts (69)


Yes. I saw this post and several others regarding the work on USBs, AHCI, the UHD 630 CFL Win7 drivers etc. I must say it is terrific work by all of you. All those posts prompted me to sign-up as well. Hope to be of some help. :slight_smile:


Hmmm. If you’re really interested in running XP 64-Bit with the least bit of hassle on a powerful chipset. I’m inclined to suggest an X99 Motherboard since it can achieve 128GB of RAM using 8 memory slots. ACPI compatibility should be present and currently I would like to hear of some users running XP on that chipset and would be willing to try to help them get it to work on it if there is a problem or confirm it works without issues.

As for XP 64-Bit on AMD AM4 I believe diderius6 did not have any success making a working ACPI driver for that OS.

As for XP 32-Bit on AMD AM4 I will be discussing my results soon as to whether or not it’s a good idea to choose AMD or Intel.