Windows 7 disk.sys and Starting Windows freeze

I was suppose to do this 2 years ago but I didn’t. I’ve found a ISO on reddit that has integrated USB, SATA, NVME drivers. Upon installing the ISO in either UEFI with pre integrated patches or LEGACY CSM which I want, I get stuck on either “Starting Windows”, or if trying to enter safe mode from boot option menu DISK.SYS is the last loaded driver. Some people pointed at the UEFI patch, but I’m installing with LEGACY CSM enabled. Also PBO and PBO Fmax Enhancer are both turned off in bios because I use a static voltage with a static CPU frequency.
I’ve tried installing the non modified Windows7 install by running the SETUP.EXE from an a another windows install because that one doesn’t have anything integrated and it boots up fine, it just wants me to finish the setup without a USB keyboard and mouse xD.

Can anyone help me resolve the issue, what has to be done to get the USB drivers working fine and seeing the freezed Starting Windows screen. Help would be very appreciated.