Windows 7 extended Kernel by VxKex

Hey everyone,

Long story short,

The new extended kernel allows you to run Win10 apps on your lovely Windows 7 with minimal impact on the system. I tested it, super stable.

Good luck )


@lvpha This is absolutely amazing!

Might you be resposible for this?

Also, might you know if this works for Graphic Drivers by any chance? :slightly_smiling_face: :crossed_fingers:

Thanks for your reply fan man!

This ‘Kernel’ works by injecting DLLs into the process, and redirecting API calls to DLLs loaded. Thus, it mainly fixes apps that require Win10 DLLs. For the graphics cards, I think it can fix the installer or the GUI not launching, however, it won’t help if the INI driver is not working.

I’m not a maintainer of the project as I lack the coding skills.

Also, I tried another extended kernel in the past, I just don’t know where to find it