Windows 7 Intel i219-V Driver?

Hello, I’m using H510M-K board. i tried install Windows 7. Everything works but Lan Driver is
doesn’t work. i tried modifying .inf but didn’t work.

here is my lan hardware id. please help

  • i tried install 25.0 driver. but didn’t works

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As you certainly know it is not easy to get modern hardware (here: Intel Ethernet Controller) working with an outdated OS. Users, who want or have to run Windows 7, should better use an old PC/laptop.


  1. Which architecture (x86/x64) has the Win7 OS Image you have installed?
  2. Which *.inf file of which specific driverpack did you try to modify?
  3. Have you tried to force the installation of an original Intel i219-V Ethernet driver by using the “Have Disk” option?

Good luck!
Dieter (alias Fernando)

P.S.: I have deleted your second thread, because it makes no sense to have here more than 1 discussion about the same topic.

you may need extract gbe region from z370 bios, then flash to your bios, you will get an old version i-219v, then you can install driver.

how do this?

  1. x64
  2. intel official driver pack 25.0
  3. yes

What about doing a simple Google search for “Intel i219-V Windows 7 x64”?
AFAIK Lenovo is offering such driverpack.

Does Lenovo have an i219-V driver for the H510?

I don’t know, but you should try it to get the driver installed. Even if the specific Ethernet Controller of your H510 device should not natively be supported, you may get the driver working by forcing the installation (provided, that the *.SYS file is compatible at all).

i found it. but

link was down.

i installed windows 7 but lan didn’t work. can i get modded i219-V driver for H510?