Windows 7 introduced on asus Z490 apex

An error message occurs when introducing SP1 as described in the title and applying SP1
Is there a patch for the countermeasure?
Please let us know which one to apply
I have successfully installed it on Z390
Because it is a translation from Japanese
Thank you for your understanding

@roccat1970 - I can’t help for this issue, but I am reply to let you know that you need to explain what issue you are having so someone can try to help. In your post above, nothing is explained, you do not mention what error or issue you are having.
If you feel you have explained, you will need to explain it again but differently and maybe more in depth, because I do not see any issue explained there, and can only tell that you are having some issue with Win7 SP1 and Z490

Windows7 A beta version was installed.
When so sp1 downloads it more than a site of Microsoft, and begins to install applying ly, an error message is going out and isn’t advancing it any more ahead of it.
It could be installed with no problem by this way by a motherboard of Z390.

To want to tell.
It can’t be translated well.

@roccat1970 - Maybe also put in your native language too, so we can translate ourselves and see if better translated?

Did you try to install SP1 from it’s own EXE, not windows updates? If not, try that instead, maybe better. First, before you can install SP1, you need to install ALL other windows updates, reboot and check several times so you know they are all installed, then you can try to install SP1
Or, if you continue to have issue, download new ISO with SP1 already integrated into the updated ISO

To get any better answers from others, you also need to explain or show what exact errors you are getting.
Microsoft and Intel/AMD are trying to phase out old systems, so it may not be possible to install Win7 on Z490 without certain BIOS modifications, or certain BIOS settings set, or certain modification to the Win7 files themselves
For all that, I am not sure, others will have to advise you.

Windows7 bakes ISO file of a beta version in a DVD and introduces.
I don’t know where the file into which SP1 is introduced is.

If you know the whereabouts of ISO to which SP1 has been applied, please let me know.


I am worried during work
I do not understand the operation