Windows 7 On Kingston A2000

Hi, I really want to install windows 7 on my nvme drive, but I just get bluescreens with everything I try…
I use a program called NTlite to integrate everything (ofc i install the updates for nvme support) and i have the usb and internet drivers, just the nvme is problematic.
So I just wanted to ask if it’s even possible (i know it was mentioned here before but i didn’t really understand).
I am on a 64bit system and I only have a secondary storage hard drive
I’m kinda new to this but any help is appreciated…

I have done it successfully. U need to first install windows 7 on a system with normal sata drive. Then install the hotfix of nvme from ms site and also hotfix to avoid blue screen. Shutdown the system. Now install nvme ssd on pcie slot. Boot win 7 l, it will surely see the nvme drive u can check it in disk mgmt. Then once its been recognised use MiniTool partition magic to clone win7 hdd to ssd. Once its done …actually mail me for detailed instruction. MailId is