Windows 7 on Samsung 980

Hi, I’m putting together another build and I’m wondering if anyone has experience with installing Windows 7 on the Samsung 980 or even the Samsung 980 Pro.

I want to start things off by saying that I don’t need any info about the process of integrating the drivers, etc. I already have Windows 7 on a Samsung 970 Pro where I integrated the drivers into the Windows 7 installer.

I am just wondering about real experience of it working or not working, because Samsung officially only lists their NVMe driver to work for up to the 970 Pro, but no mention of the 980 products after that. I read that someone had trouble doing it, but it seems like they were trying to install the driver while already booted into Windows 7, using the Samsung software. The software did a check for specific models, which prevented them from installing the drivers through the Samsung software.

Since I plan on just integrating the drivers into the installation, I’m wondering if the NVMe drivers also just work for the 980 but is not officially supported / listed by Samsung.

@anon :

Since I have tested it myself (look >here<), I can confirm, that the Samsung NVMe driver v3.3.0.2003 WHQL works fine with a Samsung 980 Pro SSD and I am pretty sure, that it will work with the Samsung 980 as well.
The only problem is, that it is impossible to use the latest and probably best Samsung NVMe driver from scratch, because the HardwareIDs of the 980/980 Pro NVMe Controllers are missing within the *.INF files. Simple reason: The latest Samsung NVMe drivers were compiled before Samsung had released the 980 and 980 Pro SSDs.
Once the OS is up, you can manually install the “pure” Samsung NVMe driver v3.3.0.2003 from within the Device Manager either by forcing the installation of the original Win7 driver via “Have Disk” option or by using one of the mod+signed variants, which I am offering >here<.

That was quick! Thank you for the information.

I just wanted to say thanks again. Windows 7 is installing now on the Samsung 980 thanks to integrating your modded drivers.