Windows 7 running i7 8700 B360

Hi, I’m currently on windows 10, wondering if anyone has any usb drivers for the Asus B360-H GAMING motherboard for windows 7.

There is a generic USB 3.0 driver for Windows 7 available on My Digital Life forums.…indows-7.81934/

Thanks for the response, this is what I’ve been needing. Really appreciate it.

why is someone using Windows7 in 2021?

It’s faster, it’s more doesn’t have questionable privacy issues, it has never crashed during widows updates like windows 10 has (even though they fixed it), it has more compatibility, and it uses less ram.

It also looks nicer in my opinion, that’s the main reasons I use windows 7 in 2021. But eventually I’ll have to upgrade to windows 10.