Windows 7 running very unstable on Z390 Motherboard

After installing Windows 7 on an MSI Z390 Pro Carbon motherboard, the OS takes a very long time to boot up (even on SSD) and just runs very unstable in general, with random freezes every now and then.

All drivers are working properly. Legacy/UEFI is enabled in BIOS, however I couldn’t find a CSM option anywhere. There’s really not much to change in the BIOS surprisingly. The OS spends a huge amount of time on the “Starting Windows” screen when it should only be a few seconds. It’s really driving me insane.

Do I have to buy a different motherboard? Would a Z370 chipset work better? Or is there a way to fix this?

I think you should provide more detail on how you did it get to install and which drivers you used and which method PLUS is the Win7 SP1 updated ? as in does it have the NVMe drivers, SHA256 Update patch to enable updating of Win7 or using Simplix pack.

The installation was pretty straight forward. The only obstacles were missing NVMe and USB 3.0 support but that was easily solved by injecting an NVMe driver as well as the custom made USB 3.0 driver available on this website. Other than that, I just used the drivers marked as “Win 10” which all worked without problems on my Win 7 system. There are no missing drivers in the device manager.

I do have Win SP1 fully updated with the SHA256 patch and all of that, but the PC performed equally bad even before I installed any updates, patches or drivers, so I’m certain that it has something to do with my motherboard/BIOS and not any drivers or patches.