Windows 7 - Ryzen 3000 & B450M Chipset

My next PC will be based on Asrock B450M Pro board and Ryzen 3000 series desktop CPU. AMD Matisse CPU code name I guess.
The board has one PS2 port & I have a PS2 mouse.
I have read thru various threads but all info is bit confusing.
What I wish to know is, will I be able to install Windows 7 on it using SATA DVD and PS2 mouse (I will use on-screen keyboard)
The purpose is to install just enough so that I can activate Windows 7 and then upgrade to Window 10 and try my luck if I am granted a valid digital license.
I do not want to land in BSOD with Ryzen 3000 desktop CPU and Window 7.



this should work fine.

you run into problems with ryzen 5000, but even in that case there are workarounds.

Hi! Thanks for consultation about WinXP64, but I disappeared this idea without need knowledge. I have lagging GTA IV on Windows 7 on Ryzen, but all games working very well!!! This is maybe causes intelppm.sys? When you let me intelppm.sys for XP x86 lagging is disappeared! NFS Undercover became working successfully on XP x86, without lagging and with stable FPS!!! Maybe equally causes in Windows 7? Need change intelppm.sys or no? Help me, please. I just thought about it now!!!