Windows 7 Ryzen ACPI problem

Hey guys, I’m trying to get working a Windows 7 installation in my Ryzen 5 2400G, but after the first part of the installation and the reboot it crashes, with the BAD_POOL_CALLER error.

It’s related to the integrated GPU and the ACPI, soo, does anybody has a solution to this? I’m trying to get it working for old programs that doesn’t work well in Windows 10, if you ask me why I’m installing it on this CPU


you could try this

Windows 7 doesn’t work with AMD’s APUs on all Motherboards, but there are some BIOS-Updates that fix this problem, even Linux had some trouble AFAIK.
What Mobo are you using an what UEFI-Version? Another Option would be to use a non-APU-CPU, like me the 2700X, as an exmaple. Or, maybe, you can fix this problem with using a discrete graphics card, who knows.

Greetings from Switzerland.

BAD_POOL_CALLER error is not the problem from ACPI. This is the problem of the USB driver It had fixed by AMD‘s new USB driver.

Sorry for the very late answer, my mobo it’s an HP Sunflower and the version 2.20.1271 (American Megatrends BIOS HP Setup Utility)

And I have my GTX 1050Ti for it, but even if I chose the GTX as the default it won’t let me finish the setup of Windows 7

And how can I update it if I’m trying to install it? Since I’m trying to set up Windows 7, it’s not installed because every time it tries to finish the setup in the screen of “Preparing the PC for the first use” it just go BSOD and nothing else happens

install all the misc AMD drivers and you’ll be good to go →…en-Threadripper