Windows 7 without CSM

I can’t get CSM working on my PC, help needed

Use UefiSeven to install and run Windows 7 without CSM.

I tried and it gives an error "Failed to lock address" or something

In this case try to find patched bootmgfw.efi by FlashBootPro to install Windows 7 without enabling CSM in UEFI mode.

Or install Windows 7 with disabling vga.sys -…l-gop-hardware/

No other ways.

I already tried disabling legacy VGA. I think I need a mod for UEFI7 for my GPU (RX 550, based on Polaris 12) bsaed on some other threads I have read

Then would be nice to report it to author in thread on MDL and hopefully he can fix it soon (if possible)


But even with this i don’t think that the in-built usb will work.

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