Windows 8.1 and Adata SX8200 Pro: how to read nvme drive smart parameters?

I have a difficulty in reading nvme drive SMART and health data in Windows 8.1.
Windows 8.1 is installed on Sata drive, and I have just connected Adata SX8200 Pro 1TB ssd/nvme as a secondary drive.
Before I clone W81 to Adata ssd, I want to be sure everything works on Adata.
Currently the Adata drive is visible by Win81 and I can read/write, but I can’t access Smart information from this drive.
I checked
- Crystak Disk Info -> it sees only Sata drive and not my nvme at all
- ADATA SSD ToolBox -> it shows completly absurd information about Adata drive (like 65263*C temperature)
I just want to be able to occasionally read Adata drive health parameters.
Is it possible under Win81 x64?
Hardware is Dell Precision 7720 Notebook, version based on Intel i7 7820HQ cpu.

HWINFO64 shows that chipset is: Intel CM238 (Skylake PCH-H)
CPU-Z shows that chipset is Kaby Lake rev. 05 and Southbridge is IDA154 rev. 31

It seems that SMART data from Adata nvme drive works fine on Intel driver:
"Intel(R) NVMe Controller" which I substituted in place of standard Microsoft NVMe driver.
I used Intel driver from:
"64bit Intel RST AHCI & RAID drivers v17.2.6.1027 WHQL"
I used iaStorAC.inf to install Intel driver.
SMART now works ok.

Unfortunately I encountered now another difficulty:
On Intel NVMe driver I am not able to restart Windows, because Adata SX8200 Pro SSD drive disappears completely after restart - even from BIOS.
It happens only on Intel NVMe driver and not on MS.

What works is "Shutdown" Windows (or turn off the computer) and then turn it on. Now everything works.
In any case shutting down and turning the notebook on does not affect nvme visibility and operation.
Only restarting computer from Windows results in need of turning off and on so that NVMe disc can reappear.

It is the same situation when Adata is the boot drive for Windows: "no boot device" error appears when restarting. Turning the notebook off and on helps.

Can anyone advise how to cure the restart functionality in Windows 8.1 x64?

Hmm, I am surprised with the way the problem is solvable: I installed Samsung driver under Win81 x64. Signed ok. After reboot I found my Windows 8.1 seeing Adata SX8200 Pro 1TB and Smart data accessible by Cristal Disk info as well as by ADATA SSD ToolBox. So Samsung driver seems to work with Adata SSD under, at least, W81x64. The Adata is second (non-system) drive. I expected Samsung nvme driver is restricted to work only for Samsung’s ssd drives.

Will I experience any downsides of using Samsung driver for Adata? Will it work after I clone Win8.1 OS: from Sata SSD into Adata’s NVMe drive?

sorry to revive an old post, but where did u get the drivers. ive been looking for the last 3 days to fix the 8200pro on Windows 8.1 wich 1 is better the intel or the samsung? did u just update the disk driver or disk and nvme controler too.?