Windows 95A on Ryzen 9 - everything checks out

Now that I convinced my AM4 motherboard to boot with VooDoo 3 PCI - I did a quick install of Windows 95A on my machine. (Ryzen 9 3900X/Biostar X470 GTA/32GB RAM/RTX2070 Super+3dfx VooDoo 3 3000 PCI/ Aureal 8820 and some 4 SSD including nvme.)

Short story long…:

0. I already had a bootable FAT16 partition with DOS 6.22 and Windows 3.11 (must be at the beginning of the drive)

1. I installed Windows 95 upgrade. If you go with the upgrade version you can keep Win 3.11/Win95 on the same DOS partition (Win 95 will let Win 3.11 to boot with its own autoexec.bat and config.sys)

2. VooDoo 3 works in Windows 3.11 too (with Velocity drivers) - so Windows 95 setup looks nice and crisp. It takes about a minute.


3. Restart. Error. Time to edit system.ini [386Enh] section - and add this line to limit RAM amount: MaxPhysPage=10000 (10000=256MB RAM, 20000=512)

4. Setup done. Welcome to Windows 95!

5. Emulated USB mouse is crazy! Restart to DOS. Copy lmouse.drv from Windows 3.11 to Win95/system. Overwrite file. Restart. Mouse works great now! (lmouse.drv=logitech mouse - you may want to change mouse to Logitech PS/2)

6. Time to add PCI bus manually. Windows 95 just discovered lots and lots of PCI to PCI bridges, PCI cards & co - and did this with ZERO error messages - which is quite something…


7. Control Panel - System - Devices - time to delete Standard PCI Video and install latest Win 9x VooDoo 3 drivers.

8. I can easily go online with DOS NDIS drivers from Realtek or Intel. (I have 2 gigabit cards on my machine) Before restart I have to update ndis.vxd or things will get ugly.

9. Now I’m on win-raid and everything looks good: video, audio (Aureal) & lan. I tested Quake II also. Windows 95A is rock stable so far…


and Windows95

all on AMD Ryzen!



I should mention Windows 1.0 also, which is not exactly and operating system per se, but it also works fine on this machine - with BIOS emulated USB mouse and VGA support. (needs a patch for VGA)


I have to fix AHCI problem in Windows 3.1 + 3.11. Maybe fiddle again with BIOS to add IDE support. They won t go ehanced in AHCI mode and I really want enhanced mode to use network features. I used a PCI - SATA adapter and Windows 3.11 booted in enhanced mode without any additional tuning. But I don t want to waste a PCI slot just for this.

I don’t know if the win95/98 AHCI driver will work for windows 3.11

it might work with an inf file mod, but i’m not sure.


It looks like R. Loew AHCI will not work with even with Windows 95A, because cannot patch ESDI_506.pdr (different version than patcher is expecting) This A version is the one without FAT32 support, but on the other hand will install just fine @ 3.8 Ghz without any patches. Most likely won t have any effect in Windows 3.11 too.

Windows for workgroups 3.11 is where it all started for me, i loved that OS on my Fujitsu ICL PCTV