Windows power plan settings explorer utility…

I got sick of fidgeting either in registry or in command line to unhide this or that power plan setting to edit its value in Windowsdialog with advanced power settings. So I wrote this little utility to explore all power plan settings, to edit and to hide/unhide them.<br /><br />Utility is built with .Net 4.5 and uses only power management functions from Win API to do the job.<br />No reboot required after you apply changes.<br /><br />Features:<br />- Column &quot;hidden&quot; in main grid gets and sets the visibility of settings in the dialog with advanced power settings.<br />- Values can be edited in second grid (no need to unhide them and go to Windows power plan advanced settings dialog).
- Double click on the main grid opens regedit and navigates it to the key for that setting in “HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SYSTEM\CurrentControlSet\Control\Power\PowerSettings\SubGroupGuid” - but you need to launch utility as Administrator for that.
- Double click on second grid on the column with schemes brings the dialog with advances settings with this scheme selected.
- Export and Import of settings through buttons at the bottom.
- Column “active” in second grid gets and sets currently active power scheme.
- Pressing <Ctrl>+<F> in the main grid shows search toolbar with edit field for search pattern, buttons for searching of next, previous occurrence of pattern, button for hiding of search toolbar; search is performed only in cells of “current” column; search is case insensitive; search is performed with use of regular expressions, so pattern can be either simple word/part of word/phrase or regular expression.

Interesting utility! thanks for your efforts ! If you want to write interesting technical articles on development, this resource help can help.


Utility now allows to edit power settings on Windows 7…