Windows server 2012 nvme drivers

Hello. I am new in forum. I have a PC with mainboard MSI B360M PRO-VDH and a Corsair Force MP510 240 gb. I installed Win10 on the Corsair and it works fine, but the windows server 2012 installer doesn’t see the M2. I pull out all the other sata hdd.
Thank you.

@barney :
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To get native NVMe support from scratch, you have install the R2 variant of Windows Server 2012.

Dieter (alias Fernando)

I have a license for server 2012 unfortunately. Is there a no way to work?

@barney :
Since Windows Server 2012 R2 is just an update of Windows Server 2012 and no completely new OS, your license should be valid for it.

No, it isn’t
You need software assurance for a free upgrade. If no SA then you need to buy a new license.

@barney :
Alternatively you can try to integrate the MS NVMe Hotfix KB2990941-v3 into your Windows Server 2012 ISO file. You can get the hotfix >here<.

Can you tell me the steps to integrate?

You can do it by using the free variant of the tool NTLite, but don’t forget to integrate the Hotfix into both *.WIM files (BOOT.WIM and INSTALL.WIM).