Windows Storage Spaces Mod

I have been thinking how useful would it be to boot from a storage spaces volume. The microsoft surface pro 5 and 6 I think are able to do this.

I opened one of the surface bioses and found a DXE driver called MsHyperspaceDriver. I wonder if it would be possible to add it to my bios (Aorus B550 pro) with a reasonable amount of work.

My intention is to boot from a tiered windows storage space, composed of one big HD and an nvme SSD.


Very interesting, i want to do the same. I tried adding this driver and it doesn’t work, i don’t know why. Installer usb doesn’t see that disk.

Even i want to try something similar, were you able to make any progress?
where can i get this driver MsHyperspaceDriver, [couldn’t find it on the web]

You can download official driver pack from Microsoft, there’s EFI included (SurfaceUEFI_238.167.768.bin)
MS Support Page
There’s uploaded EFI, it’s signed by catalog

I wasn’t been able to boot though,
VirtualDisk on SS, the driver loaded via EFI shell on VM or injected to EFI of physical machine