Windows Vista on Dell Inspiron 15 3565 with American MegaTrends BIOS

I am trying to install Windows Vista onto a Dell Inspiron 15 3565 with American MegaTrends BIOS, but after the setup loads the files and tried to go to the boot screen, it throws a blue screen of death saying "This BIOS is not fully ACPI compliant". Windows 7 and later work just fine. Anyone know of a way to get past this? I have tried Legacy and UEFI boot, and BIOS does not have an option for ACPI. It is also fully up to date. Any help is greatly appreciated!

I’m waiting modded acpi.sys specially designed for vista. Requesting help from Windows XP forum can solve your issue.

Here to provide something of an update. I mounted the Windows Vista Ultimate Updated to 2017 EOL ISO, extracted its contents, and then extracted the boot.wim contents using 7zip and found files related to acpi. I have determined that I need to edit these files to make it support my BIOS, but what I need to do is unclear at the moment, however, I am still researching.

I did “dismantle” a Windows 7 Ultimate ISO and its boot.wim and compared its acpi files to the Vista ones (I only compared the acpi.inf), and appeared to only find a few extra lines in the 7 file that was not in the Vista version. If anyone has info/help on this, then please do share it. I am determined to get Windows Vista to install on it. Also, I tried Windows Server 2008 (not the Windows 7 variant known as R2) as some people reported success in getting that to install when normal Vista did not, but alas, the same error (and I don’t want server 2008 anyways as it doesn’t support the Extended Kernel being worked on over at MSFN).


The acpi file provided in the Windows XP thread did not help. It lead straight to "Windows Failed to Start" stating that the acpi.sys is corrupt or missing. Also, for the two seconds it showed the loading screen, it was the Windows 7 one which I thought was weird considering this is Vista installation media featuring all updates up to 2017 EOL (for the Extended Kernel on MSFN).