Windows Vista X64 on Modern Hardware.

1-Can I mod the Intel HD Graphics for newer hardware? @canonkong
For First question can you help me to mod it?
2- Can I install NVME drivers for windows vista? @Fernando
For second question can you mod the nvme drivers or ahci drivers?
3- Can I install USB 3.0 3.1 and 3.2 drivers for windows vista?

According to my knowledge Win7 is the first Windows OS, which can handle the NVMe protocol (after having added the MS NVMe Hotfix).
I can modify the INF files of NVMe or AHCI drivers, but this doesn’t help, if the real driver (= *SYS file) doesn’t support the related device or OS.

OK can you mod the usb 3.0 drivers?

Can you mod the Windows Vista Intel HD Drivers?

I can modify the INF files of certain drivers, but generally I do not modify them on request.

Sadly, I think Vista can’t benefit from the new hardware, because is an outdated OS, and like Win8, Win 8.1, not much popular.

I think you would save yourself a lot of trouble, if you switched to windows 7, much to your regret.

Hy guys, so many useful topics are here. I have running Window 7 on X470, Ryzen 3300X platform and very responsive. It would be even more cool, if I could run Vista X64 on it. Any hope? I also don’t see Geforce RTX 2060 driver for Vista. Could I go with Win 7 driver?

There are no RTX 2060 drivers that work for Vista, but with the kernel extensions being currently worked on, it could become a possibility. I’d also like you to try Vista, as I’m also on a X470 board, and want to know if some issues I’m having are caused by faulty hardware

Wait, you have an ASRock X470, you might not want to try Vista on it. Last time I tried Vista on my ASRock X370 Killer SLI/ac, it experienced multiple pci.sys bluescreens, which also started happening on my current and any future 7 installs on the system. I’m glad I ditched that board for my MSI X470 Gaming Pro Carbon

Thx for the input. And with that MSI X470 motherboard you tried Vista? I think it would be really fancy posting screenshots in forums running Vista with Matisse :D. I would it use even regularly if Vulkan games would run too.

Hi Fernando,
Thank you so much for helping and sharing
You say there’s no way for NVMe Vista Drivers and Win7 is the first OS which handle nvme, Please so how can we explain older OS like WinXP can easily handle nvme i succeeded install XP in my X1 Extreme Thinkpad Gen2 nvme & core i9 10th and failed to recognize nvme disk (Have Legacy & CSM Bios) ??

Welcome to the Win-Raid Forum!
AFAIK none of the NVMe drivers, which were built and released by the related chipset manufacturers (Intel, Micron, Phison, Samsung, SiliconMotion, Solidigm, Western Digital etc.), natively do support very old Windows Operating Systems like Vista.
Nevertheless it may be possible to get to get an NVMe Controller detected and managed while running Vista, but this would require a hacked *.SYS file.
Since we generally do not offer or share drivers, whose *.SYS file has been modified (would be a Copyright violation), you will not find such drivers here.

Thank you Fernando for your kind replay, but this is sad news ! im an old medical doctor who is passionate of Computering especially try to revive old OS such xp vista & Win7 because i do lived these golden eras and im somehow nostalgic.
Unfortunately i have no skills in hacking sys files drivers.
Please any ideas where to look for them ? perhaps in China websites but it’s so difficult to surf their pages and frequently they ask registering.
BTW i just have a new idea, how if i connect to usb3.0 an hdd in an usb externe rack ? Vista with extended kernel do recognize it but it says cannot be installed to this disk, setup does not support config or install to disk connected through a usb or ieee1394