Windows Vista x86 and x64 on newer hardware.

1- Windows Vista sometimes gives abnormal error at startup or running a program with UAC. How can we fix it? Normal Installation cannot help. Can the modified ACPI.sys fix the abnormal errors?
2- Realtek sound drivers have problems with Windows Vista. Device Manager always shows the driver is properly working but when I open the Volume Control panel, It stops working. You have to reinstall Windows Vista to fix this problem (25% chance).
3- Is there any Universal Graphics Driver for Windows Vista x64? If yes, send me the link.

Hi mate, I also loved Vista, specially SP2, but sadly, on 2020, is an outdated OS, much more than Win 7.

And, in comparation with 7, or 10, is much more similar to 7. In my case, far away, when I was using Vista, I can’t use my catalan LIP, because doesn’t exist in x64, so that was the main reason to upgrade to 7, many years ago, and I still use it today, as everyday OS (Doesn’t like Win 10)

Perhaps, in my opinion, could be better for your health, to upgrade to Win 7.