Windows XP 32bit SP3 now working with Z370 motherboard and Coffe Lake CPU

Hello everyone,
I have read this forum and based on the information I have received here, I have created an ISO installation file with Win XP 32Bit SP3 for installing from a USB flash drive that can be installed on the Z370 motherboard.
BIOS is set to AHCI, not IDE.

Now I’m trying to create a functional boot ISO for the Win XP 64bit version.
Maybe it happens once :slight_smile:

@Hardwarejiri :
Welcome to the Win-RAID Forum and congratulations, that you finally were able to get Windows XP working with your Z370 chipset system.

Please let us know how you managed it, which problems occured and how you solved them.

Dieter (alias Fernando)

Very interesting how you run the installation from a USB drive connected to the intel usb3.0 controller
Preload full iso image to ram at grub4dos stage or what ?

Basically, I followed the instructions here on the forum.
I downloaded a clean ISO WinXP 32bit SP3,
Using nLite, I implemented AHCI / Raid + chipset info and created ISO
Then I proceeded as follows:

1) Download and install Yumi, which creates a bootable USB flash drive for Win XP
2) Open Yumi and select the connected USB flash drive in Step 1 to create the boot XP and right-click Fat32
3) Step 2 select: Single Windows XP Installer
4) Step 3 Enter the path of the downloaded ISO Win XP
5) Use Create and then YES after the copy is done next and NO and Finish
6) In the bios, set up boot from flash USB and plug only the drive you want to install XP and do not forget to enable the alternative keyboard and mouse in the USB settings.
7) After the flash has been booted, a table appears in which you choose the second option, another will appear and there you select "Begin …"
8) How to start copying files as fast as F7 until the startup screen with XP
9) After copying files and restarting, restart the flash again, select the second option again and the second row in the next table.
10) After installation and subsequent restart, boot from disk and usb flash to remove

Yes, yumi is gui for auto creating grub4dos/syslinux boot media
As i expected, it preloads full iso to ram and use firadisk to simulate real media after running kernel

Please let us know if and how you got XP x64 installed on intel 300 series especially z370.

This is the anniversary CPU with 6 cores and 12 threads (which seems you use with your motherboard, based on your signature). This is exactly what I want, it would be ideal for modern upcomming games and for old legacy games and on top of it, only 95W TDP, perfect.

Can someone explain the "Yumi process" does it boot in linux enviroment and prepare the Windows XP installation files in thar enviroment or what?

Hi all,
9900k works with XP SP3 32bit.…comment-1156373

have a nice evening

@deSSy2724 :
Rufus is really easy, basically 2 clicks and you’re done. Choose the partition type (MBR for XP) then point to the ISO… Mash F8 to select USB boot device (or F2 etc varies with vendor)…
In XP days a lot of boards didn’t support booting from USB but basically all modern mobo’s do today…

PS if you have driver issues with XP x64 you’ll find XP x86 supports 128GB of RAM…if it’s the original pre SP2 version. :stuck_out_tongue:

Edit - you prob won’t find that since I doubt your hardware can take 128GB…but you get my point. :smiley:

So I was Thinking Skylake-X is technicaly Skylake. How possible would a 7980XE with WinXP be?
XP with 18 Cores.

Can you share your ISO for winxp 32?

which chipset info do you use,can you share ?thanks very much

Can you please share the winxp iso. I have been trying to get winxp on my MSI z370 gaming plus motherboard but it nothing worked.


I’ll PM you an ISO to try