Windows XP and the outside world.

I have a clean install of Win XP (Home edition) on an old computer. I need it as I want to use it with’ XP only’ music programs which cost a fortune.
Anyway, while it is a clean install it refuses to connect to the Internet.

M/Board Aspire TC-704
Ram 4 GB

I was wondering if any of the forum community can point me in the correct direction?

Did you install driver for WiFi/Ethernet network card you are using ?
Also, you need modern-ish browser to use internet at this point (IE6 build-in is useless).

I installed the driver for Belkin for Wi-Fi and Windows USB Network Adapter.

Which browser do you recommend?

Firefox, but you need the ESR version.
"Windows USB Network Adapter" sounds generic, what model is it ?
Do you have LAN enabled ?

I tried Firefox ESR version but it only accepted back as far as Win 7.

Its a Belkin Wireless and USB Network Adapter.

LAN is enabled.

Where next?…-builds-part-2/

I have installed/used both Vivaldi and Opera web browsers on Windows XP recently.

@Shadow1 - Make sure to install all windows updates and service packs too. You may need to install something from the board’s driver download page too (like a realtek driver, or something like that)
Yes, I see Realtek for Ethernet and Azurewave wireless, but only for Win8-10 -…roduct/6180?b=1
So you may need to find exact chip ID or Device ID from device manager, then hunt down if there is any XP drivers for either of those.

They has success with Win7 here, so if worse comes to worse, you at least know you can use win7 on there if forced to…o-win7.2936032/

These may be the Ethernet LAN Drivers you need…2xdevidx3429508

I could not find any for the Qualcom or Intel wireless cards that shipped with these, unsure about Azurewave (may be Qualcom)
But this page is the root page where I grabbed the link above…e-tc-704/lng/en