WinPE which 4TB disk

Hi Fernando,

you helped me recently to solve my problem related to my Gigabyte X58 UDP board and access to a 4TB disk. all is fine now due to your expertise!! Thx again for that.

I now have a new challange: i want to have acces to this 4TB with a bootable minimal system like WinPE (used for example by EASUS TODO backup suite) for disaster recovery. But up to know I am not able to get access to all (!) files on my 4TB disk after boot with WinPE. I am always having problems to get access to files on the 2nd 2TB partition which is almost 2/3 full. So I assume that my problem is somehow related to a 2TB boundary or something similar. but this is an educated guess… I tried to load a driver after starting but this does not help to get acces to my disk. And finally I tried Win8PE_SE2 as a minimal system but no success.

maybe you are aware of this problem and hopefully you do have a hint for me. EASUS hotline could not help me so far.

thanks much

WinPE natively does not properly support drives larger than 2.2 TB.
Maybe >this< site will help you to solve your problem.