Working GUI for Lenovo P340 (W480 chipset)?

Hey folks, reaching out to see if someone has an answer to this problem im stuck on: ive got a Lenovo P340 thinkstation, RAID 1 setup, Intel Volume working fine in windows (Server 2019 to be exact, not the base Win 10 it came with), latest v18.31.6.1039 driver installed (found via windows update, has 17.9 as the latest). However Lenovo has no GUI to manage/monitor RAID on this system, so ive been searching for what SHOULD work but yet doesnt: Intel VROC (which lists Server 2019 as compatible). I installed 6.2, then 6.3, then 7.0, all of which install fine but when the software fires up it shows no Devices/Volumes at all, just blank panels. Tells me alls fine with the RAID array at the top, but ive got no options to manage/monitor at all