Write AFUWin64 .rom's via SPI?

Hello friends, here is my story.

I have a Dell XPS15 9530. It comes with a crippled bios. I pulled the BIOS with AFUWin64 tool as a .rom file. Then I modified it using @CodeRush UEFITool to unlock the hidden menus. Now, it’s not what you think :slight_smile: the patch went well and after poking around at the expanded menu, I soon forgot about it (was trying to diagnose mSATA, but that’s another story).

Fast forward to yesterday. I decided it was a good idea to mess with the chipset video settings. Long story short, I don’t have video anymore. It doesn’t turn on, because I disabled it. And I need video to navigate through the bios to undo my changes. I tried doing a “blind” flash update as described here but that didn’t help. Then… I remembered that I had made a backup of the bios using the AFUWin64 tool before messing with the advanced settings.

Is it possible to flash this ROM via SPI directly to the flash chip? Please help…