So you may be wanting to boot a efi system from a bootloader to boot nvme drive and having trouble like i did.
dont give up til you try this

0. run Cmd, diskpart>list disk> select your nvme disk >clean>select disk n>format gpt> if CMD says successfully created GPT partition than you may proceed young warrior…
1. download AIOBOOT https://www.aioboot.com/en/download/
ITS GOT CLOVER BUILT IN (so if your clover or duet USB didnt work or if you had my problem, and the dbr wouldnt write the dos OS file to USB for boot, then you dont have to worry because this version is already set up/working etc!

2. extract the application to desktop [[File:2020-06-26 (2).png|none|auto]]

3.Run as Administrator


4. choose your USB stick, and select auto install Bootloader. and hit OK!
(make sure you select format fat 32 as well )(if it gets stuck at 77% just be patient and watch your USB stick, if the light is still flashing on it then data is being write or its communicating with your PC [[File:2020-06-26 (3).png|none|auto]]

5. check the USB for files in windows explorer, and if you have the nvmedxe.efi (or best efi driver file for your nvme) file copy into the clover driver off driver 64 directory for safety, i dont know what works or doesn’t i was just trying everything at one time HAHA![[File:2020-06-26 (7).png|none|auto]] [[File:2020-06-26 (9).png|none|auto]] [[File:2020-06-26 (10).png|none|auto]] [[File:2020-06-26 (11).png|none|auto]]

6.If you did correctly follow it should look like this [[File:2020-06-26 (5).png|none|auto]] [[File:2020-06-26 (6).png|none|auto]] [[File:2020-06-26 (7).png|none|auto]]

7. Attach your USB with Windows ISO from media creation tool or Rufus and Boot from clover USB ( it will take you into AIOBOOT bootloader first but clover is option 3, then go into refind, you should see your windows USB in refind and then you can boot it.
once you get to the hard drive selection of windows 10 install if your disk successfully partitioned to GPT As stated in step 0.

8. i ignored a message that came up in the windows installer saying the GPT wasn’t correct for windows install, but i ignored and proceeded and everything installed correctly and im running fantastic, its business as usual
Thank you all for the help along the way its been a fun challenege bringing 2010 into 2020 but it was worth it,


2020-06-26 (2).jpg

2020-06-26 (3).png

2020-06-26 (5).png

2020-06-26 (6).png

2020-06-26 (7).png

2020-06-26 (9).png

2020-06-26 (10).png

2020-06-26 (11).png

2020-06-26 (12).png

Clover keeps crashing for me both on live and in qemu.

Hi @Pizuski ,

I followed your instructions until here

"Attach your USB with Windows ISO from media creation tool or Rufus and Boot from clover USB ( it will take you into AIOBOOT bootloader first but clover is option 3, then go into refind, you should see your windows USB in refind and then you can boot it."

I don’t see Refind. Did I miss out anything?

me also…didnt find refind nowhere…

CPU: FX-6300 Black Edition
VLW2560/PM961 NVME M.2 used with PCIE X 16 Adapter
System: Windows 10

Windows on native system (HDD) is able to recognize the NVME drive but not able to boot when using Windows Installation Media/USB

Steps taken over the past 2 weeks and reading many forums (failed):

Duet was being weird on my PC

1. Installed Clover on host system using the link for Clover and was able to create a separate 200 mb BDU partition, created directories for drivers 64 appropriately.
2. When booting after disabling IDE and setting SATA configuration to AHCI got the following argument: the drive p.list argument at line line 1194, product name not defined

How can product name be defined without Clover Configurator as I am working on Windows 10 ?

3. To try to solve this I installed a seperate p.list (HACKINTOSH) ASUS-PRIME-Z390-A-config.plist_
4. Continued to receive error: Expect a bolean, and int8 or a string starting with ‘n’ or ‘-’ for '/boot/XMPDetection:175’

Result -> Loaded into clover but could not detect my Windows 10 Installation media thumb drive

5. I ended up using AIO boot which was then recognizing my Windows 10 flash drive after selecting option into Clover using "Pizuski method"
6. In the Windows installation, I was receiving the same error when booting installation media: Check your BIOS/boot to use this drive as your system may not be able to boot
7. I also tried to install separate signed drivers for PM961 M.2 on a separate USB from @Fernando fix this issue but to no avail.

Please help as I am starting to pull my hair out.

@Randomaccessmonkey : Welcome to the Win-RAID Forum!
Since it neither makes sense nor it is welcome here to post similar posts into different threads, I have deleted one of them

Why didn’t you do the change of the SATA mode as first step?
Dieter (alias Fernando)

Hi @Fernando the guide stated that I would need to install the Clover client on the same machine since the p.list automatically configures to the machine which Clover is installed.

There is no way for me to load into Windows 10 and then install Clover from the desktop from the SATA after switching from IDE to ACHI as the OS runs into issues (Windows Stop Code: Inaccessible boot device)
Despite these issues I was still able to follow @Pizuski guide using AIO boot software (Pre loaded with Clover) to recognize the Win-X USB Stick which was installed using Windows Media Creation tool.

The issue I run into is that the Win-X USB Drive is unable to install onto the NVME, despite being recognized by the installer, due to a boot error: “Windows cannot be installed to this disk; the computers hardware may not support booting to this disk. Ensure the field controller is enabled in the computers bios menu.”

This issue is non-unique to clover, as it occurs during normal installation process when booting directly from the USB. I have already confirmed the existence of NVME drivers using clover shell command drivers.


@Randomaccessmonkey :

That should have been no surprise for you, because the boot sector cannot find the SATA connected HDD/SSD anymore after the switch of the SATA Controller from "IDE" to "AHCI" mode.
You should choose the desired SATA mode before you start with the OS installation. You can enter the BIOS and change the SATA mode at any time, that means without having installed any Operating System.

Yes I followed the protocol as you described: however Clover is unable too recognize Win X Installer USB. I’ve had luck with AIO boot, however there is boot error as shown in figure/img in my previous post for the NVME drive.

And my apologies, I thought you were implying to install Clover after “IDE” to “ACHI” switch in regards to my first message.

Same thing here. I can get the system to boot into clover finally and then there are three three big circles–options to pick from–I choose boot from windows legacy hd1 and all that happens is the system reboots. It would be nice if the people making these guides went out of there way to be painstakingly detailed. Over ten different guides have I followed and not one of them is valid nor do the authors bother giving any real kind of support. Why bother making the guide in the first place?

Why do you bother making a guide and then offer no support to people. If you didn’t really know what you were doing and were just trying different things until something worked, do you think you are fit to make a guide?

This a forum and its no tech support 24h, but this you already know. Dont blame users who try to share their experiences and try to help ungrateful users like you, take as it is or do yourself better and post the best solution, then you become the “excellent” user with the best helpful guide.
Also theres plenty of detailed info on CLOVER and other bootloaders outside this forum…you may start your journey to the stars, read and learn what is a bootloader and how Clover works and find better “support” elsewhere.

EDIT: Sry…im not English language native, so take the “support” as you want it where you want it and where you need it, clear enough?

EDIT: [quote=“Popyacap, post:16, topic:35251”]
after hours of fiddling and studying Clover, Tianocore, DUET, UEFI, UEFI Shell, Windows Boot loader internals, other tutorial on this, etc…

See thats really a nice paragraph… its always my advice to users, read and learn, loose your time with it not mine… you’ll get there, im sure of it, over_n_out, cheers


You digged out a 2 year old thread to express your dissatisfaction about Clover !

Clover works wonderfully well when it is installed in a proper way, and it is used by thousands of users around the globe. However, I admit that it can be a little tricky to set up. See my post #817 here.

There is a pinned thread on this forum dedicated to Clover (see URL above) with lots of useful information in it. However, it is large now as it has some 850+ posts, and it’s not easy to find the exact answer to one specific question.

My best advice is that, if you are having difficulties to make Clover work, just start a new thread. Explain your problem in a clear manner, including details about your system. I am sure that you will get answers from users willing to help you.

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Led to believe a forum can be used for any kind of exchange of ideas or help. The internet never closes, so it is in fact 24 hours. Don’t assume to think you know what I already know.

I don’t mean to be rude or come off as ungrateful. I am grateful when someone presents something that works and when it doesn’t I am very grateful when they are available to assist. Anything I have ever posted, with things I am familiar with, I stayed around and helped anyone who needed it. Otherwise what is the point of making a “guide”? By the way–“and try to help ungrateful users like you”–where is this? I fail to see it. I am grateful someone spent their time to produce this guide, as it is the closest I have come to getting this drive to work. It would just be greater if they responded to this forum.

If I could post the best solution, I would, and then I would hang around and help those who followed my work so they could enjoy the same success. However, I am out of my depth and if I want to get this drive to work in an older machine, I am at the mercy of whomever has the expertise. When I do get this though, I intend to do a write-up in full detail of every step that I did, including full system specs.

I have followed multiple guides from this site and multiple guides from other sites and not one of them works–this guide was the closest so far–and when the author actually answers, all they recommend is to try this or that other boot-loader. I don’t go around telling people how to do this or that unless I am well versed in what I am talking about and prepared to help them. Otherwise, I am wasting people’s time. With this guide, I will give credit because aio actually loads up, whereas every other boot-loader fails to even load. However that is where it ends–the instructions given are bunk and with errors.

I may be better read-up on boot-loaders than you but that still doesn’t mean I’ll have the knowledge to accomplish this on my own. Clover, from what I understand, cannot boot in a windows environment, as it is made for Mac and refind is alleged to only work with uefi systems.

I think you mean ‘support’, not “support”, unless you are quoting yourself.

What difference does the date make? If someone sends me an email from a forum where I posted something, even years later, I’ll still respond and still help them if I can.

If you read everything posted thus far, you should be able to see I am expressing my dissatisfaction with a two year old guide that doesn’t work, has errors in its write-up and the author isn’t around to offer any support. I am grateful that the guide was posted but disgruntled that the one who wrote it doesn’t offer any assistance. Yes, I do realize he or she is not obligated to.

Thank you for the link and suggestions. I will look at the both. Though, pretty sure I combed this site for getting this to work. I am nothing if not OCD.

Your english is excellent but " " and ’ ’ mean different things.

Here is the typical response I find on this forum and other forums regarding this matter. Pay close attention to the final paragraph:

" Hello folks,

after hours of fiddling and studying Clover, Tianocore, DUET, UEFI, UEFI Shell, Windows Boot loader internals, other tutorial on this, etc… I am reporting !!! SUCCESS ON BOOTABLE NVME UNDER WINDOWS 8.1 PRO on my 8+ years old ASUS P6T SE, Core i7 920 with SAMSUNG SM961 256GB !!!

It can’t be described what I am feeling right now to see it booting and working. Just - it was definitely worth spending the time with it and I think it’s the best upgrade for my trusty P6T SE/i7 920 in its existence. Still running strong :wink:

I will not post the exact steps I did to get this working right now, still want to try and document another ways (i.e. clone my old Intel Raid-0 system and try different bootloaders), but I’ll write very detailed and easy-to-use tutorial in the coming days (weeks?) as my time permits."

@ Popyacap

Clover, from what I understand, cannot boot in a windows environment, as it is made for Mac and refind is alleged to only work with uefi systems.

This is incorrect. Clover can boot Windows, Linux and Hackintosh (although I think it was initially designed for Hackintosh). I personally use Clover to boot Win 10, Win 11, and several Linux distros.

Thank you for confirming this. I have come across people stating both sides of this.

What I have been looking for is instructions on how to run clover. In the aio I cannot find refind or any option that says install windows. Only boot windows. Also finding some usb drives are finicky and won’t boot into aio at all and some are fine. Also wondering if using a usb3.0 usb drive on an old system plays any effect. I am aware they are backwards compatible but still I wonder.

@ Popyacap
For your information, I had difficulties when installing Windows through Clover on my old system using a USB 3.0 port (not a USB 3.0 drive) for the Window installer. I solved it by using a USB 2.0 port instead.

My advice remains the same : if you are having difficulties installing Clover and you are looking for assistance, just start a new thread.

Clover loads. However, the options are not clear and the layout does not line up to the OPs instructions. I cannot find refind in the options and I cannot get windows to install. I can see the usb drive with the windows iso but there is no option to install it. I don’t want to give up on trying with aio because it is the closest I have gotten to solving this.