IM having issues getting a duet usb past the memory testing screen, and clover will run but wont load my windows usb drive.
im using 2 mobo, 1 x58 sabertooth, the other is alienware x58
same problem on both motherboards.
can someone enlighten me about modding or adding files to the bios so nvme can be used for os or maybe a different bootloader for uefi shell with tutorial plz?

Unfortunately the build on the thread was tailored on the intel DX58SO and DX58SO2 specification and lately on Virtual Box.
It does work on some board with it’s specification but not all. Manufacturer customization can break the implementation compatibility.

I recall someone asking before about the X58 SABERTOOTH but I never found where|IF|how it break exactly.

About Clover: if it work try to HIT the ESC or F2|F3 or some function key to bring up the USB key else ask in the clover thread which key is configured to load the USB after inserted.