X58 Sabertooth corrupted bios

Hello guys, there I am with another corrupted bios. I bought 2 of these broken Asus X58 Sabertoth for 30 bucks each. They had conductive thermal paste everywhere and something like 25 bent pins each. I managed to fix one on my own simply bending the pins back and cleaning the socket from the thermal paste. The other one I have don everything I could via hardware to fix it, and now at least it receive power, but the CPU led remains red and it does not boot. I’m sure it is a cpu-related issue. After I tried literally everything, I decided to pull off the bios chip and give it a look with the SPI programmer. I managed to get 5 successful reads and to verify them. I’m pretty noob with bioses, but as far as I can tell it looks corrupted, at least in some parts. I will upload two of them there, I would love if someone could explain me how to restore it on my own :wink:
The BIOS chip is a MXIC MX25L1606EPI
I cannot just download the latest bios from Asus website and flash it, right?
Unfortunately I have been fool enough to not make a copy from the working one of the boards, and I’ve already built a PC for a friend with it. (By the way, with a X5675 delidded even if it’s soldered, lapped and under a custom waterloop bought cheap from ebay for 90 bucks, it’s sitting at 4.8Ghz, so I’m pretty happy with the fix of the other board)
I will tag you @Lost_N_BIOS since you helped me a lot previously and you are the most experienced person I know with this kind of things.

Hey! Good job on fixing 20+ bent pins, I know that’s a huge hassle and pain! So you’re certain that on this remaining system, bent pins are not part of the issues?

Both files included in your upload are same. What did you think was corrupted, and what were you using to look at that?

I see file length is wrong, but most looks good/OK to me. Remove last 64k from end of file (All the ff at end). Then program back, verify chip/buffer and if OK then test booting board.
I have one of these boards, but unsure if it’s working or not I can’t remember. I will pull it out tonight and test this BIOS on that board, once I see if it’s working or not