x58 Sabertooth Marvell 91xx (9128) - How do I update the BIOS?

Hello everyone, I have done some digging through most threads here. I would like to update my Marvell controller to the latest compatible version on my board. I am fully up to date on my drivers (Win 10) but I am getting the odd BSOD. I am not overclocking, everything is stock. RAM passes Memtest86.
I have a 500GB SSD and a 4TB drive on the controller (AHCI mode, no RAID). I think the controller is the issue.
The current BIOS version of the controller is

From what I have read I need to download the Marvell Flash Utility and make a DOS USB boot disk with Rufus. I also understand that the motherboard BIOS is separate from the controller BIOS.

I have also heard there are 3 different files I need. Bootloader, Firmware, BIOS ROM.

These threads are a bit convoluted. Does anyone have a guide or that could assist on where the download the flash utility and where I could download the appropriate file?

The controller chipset is 9128 (on the board), but device manager devID is reporting 9123 (which from what I read the number changes depending if the HD is IDE,AHCI,orRAID).

The motherboard is legacy, non-UEFI. So, to my knowledge, I can’t use the UBM tool?

Threads I am reading:
> win-raid DOT com/t200f13-Discussion-Marvell-xx-xx-SATA-Controller-BIOS-modules.html
> win-raid DOT com/t7f13-AHCI-amp-RAID-ROM-Modules.html

Reading win-raid DOT com/t7f13-AHCI-amp-RAID-ROM-Modules.html under the Marvell section, I am unclear if I should download the 9128 ROM (The actual controller number). And if I should be downloading the 3 separate files (bootloader, firmware, ROM) or just the ROM (contains all 3??).

[Discussion] Firmware Update of the Marvell 91xx SATA Controller
Marvell support
your product/motherboard name,id? marvel controller part number? find your product/motherboard support for details and latest bios (update to it if you have not already)
windows may assing the next best suitable driver,(even if that does not really belong to your controller) dont let it confuse you

you should also have latest driver,marvel utility,and correct firmware
Marvell Storage Utility (MSU) v4.1.10.2046
Marvell MV-91xx/92xx SATA 6G Controller driver v1.2.0.1049
Marvell MV-91xx SATA 6G Controller firmware v2.3.0.1007