X9dr7-ln4 intel me

Can someone point me a link to update intel me v2 please?

Its right on the front page of the forum… really dont know whats the difficulty on this.

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Now… ME V2 that must be just a special version for you.

EDIT: Then its not (CS)ME but (CS)SPS…
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well…im sorry for bother here…it is sometimes very difficult for me,to concentrate as ive got dementia on earlier stages,and i struggle to focus sometimes…again,i apologice for askin questions…thanks anyway

my real problem is…i dont know how many options i need to enable or disable just for uefi ,as ive got a lga2011 supermicro x9dr7-ln4f ,and when i try to install windows 10 uefi…always freeze…no matter what…i manage to install…but later still freeze on windows ,when uefi…on mbr not happening…i try my best to find all the options on bios to tick or untick,as i didnt find a proper guide showing all the settings on uefi for my c602 mobo…thanks anyway

Very confusing…
To setup a system as “PURE” UEFI mode, it is needed to set on bios boot option as CSM OFF (Not AUTO or ENABLE), Secure Boot or KEYS can be OFF/unloaded (Enable/Loaded after finishing. windows setup), if this option is available after setting the previous parameter and rebooting.
A GPU with UEFI support (vBios with GOP driver) and a Windows x64 OS image to install.
In UEFI mode the system disk will be automatically set to GPT (Not MBR)

In your default bios settings, i see that CSM is set ENABLE and boot priorities are set as UEFI.

EDIT: The EFI GOP driver of the GPU card is loaded prior to the windows OS… secure boot is not primary issue here, so in what stage does the system hangs?
Theres no need to unhide any special option for UEFI… sure you friend knows a bit more than you…??? Why not to isolate the issue if GPU related, trying a different GPU for debug purposes.

That K4200, a Keppler card has UEFI support but if the current vbios doesnt have the EFI driver then you cant st the system to UEFI with her.

That mobo dont have secureboot…as most of x9 supermicro,as far i know…
i disable csm and just uefi boot…etc…the gpu is a nvidia quadro k4200…i read is uefi…but didnt find the uefi gop bios for that gpu…if someone can help me a bit to configure properly that bios(actually ive got 3.3)but in uefi…and unhide properly all options…because sometimes come to my house a friend,who understand better than me…all i want is the computer to boot properly to uefi without freezing…thanks anyway for your help,mate…