Xeon install on LGA775 mobo

Hello everyone!

I’m new to the forum, i came accross the site looking for answers on my quest for modifying my LGA775 motherboard to accept a “brand new” chinese xeon X5450 that i just purchased.
A picture of my beautiful setup is attached for your viewing pleasure…

I’m hoping that someone can shine some light on my old mobo… It’s an ECS G41T-M7
Also for reference I’m currently running a Core 2 duo Intel E5700 processor, 8gb RAM @1333mhz, a Kingston 120GB SSD NOW 300 boot drive, and an Ati Radeon Hd6670 1gb ddr3 Gpu, currently not installed because i put the heatsink the wrong way and i don’t feel like i need it for the microcode thing…

Also I downloaded some files which i’ll proceed to attach.

I’d appreciate any kind of feedback!


ROM file and others.rar (1.15 MB)

@Marchestat :
Welcome to the Win-RAID Forum!

Since I cannot help you myself (due to the lack of knowledge about how to realize your project), I hope, that someone else will give you some tips.

Good luck!
Dieter (alias Fernando)

Also I didn’t mention, the current state of my pc is due to the fact that I already put the Xeon in there, and it worked, 3 times…

Until i messed with a smart halt function in the bios (don´t remember the actual name), which is something like a smart power saving function, and then it wouldn’t boot no more. It would stay stuck in the black boot screen with the windows 10 logo and a message below, something along the lines of “windows is preparing automatic repair”.

So, what I did was put back the old Pentium processor and format the pc. Now it´s up and running again.

@Marchestat Good you got it running again! Here is updated BIOS! I wasn’t sure what all you needed done, so I updated all originally included CPU microcodes + all for 771 mod too (All latest versions).


G41T-M7 (V1.0) Mod.zip (538 KB)

@Lost_N_BIOS THANK YOU SO MUCH!!! It works flawlessly!!! Thank you man, you made my day.

I’ll attach a .zip file with both modded and unmodded ROM files, along with the program i used to flash the BIOS. Also i’ll leave a screenshot of the pc rendering a random object and the 4 core proof!

F!#!"#$#""%"K YESSSSSSSSS!!!

ECS G41T-M7 mod.rar (1.62 MB)


You’re very welcome! And thank you for posting back with results, and for packaging up orig/mod/flasher for others in the future too

It’s much faster now with 4 cores isn’t it!
Now, you’ve got to fix that heatsink and get it cased up

Definitely night and day. It’s now able to reproduce video fluently in 2k, when before it struggled to play @720p 60fps, despite de GPU being rated to 720p max. Also the performance of modeling programs such as Solidworks has improved substantially.

Don’t know about the case, I think it looks just too good to put it in my old shitty one… we’ll see.

2018-06-20 at 13.14.44.rar (1.97 MB)

That’s good! Terrible when you can’t play video, let alone how bad it is to have to wait hours to render something that should take much less.

Is that audio beep in the video part of the video shown on screen, or some error beeps?

Actually that audio beep must have been from the phone i recorded it in, audio works just fine.

Will come back when i’ve made some sort of case, cheers!

I’m new to the forum
I’m currently running a Dual Core Intel E5400 processor, 4gb RAM @1333mhz, a WD 320GB HDD and a Radeon HD5450 1GB DDR3 GPU. With Windows 10 64b
With pandemia my childs need more computers for study and play.
I read this post.
Then I modified my old LGA775 motherboard ECS G41T-M7 (V1.0) to accept Intel Xeon E5450.
Unique difference with post is that Xeon is E5450 instead of X5450.
First, I actualize to the last manufacturer BIOS. All OK
Second, I actualize to the last manufacturer BIOS mod. All OK
Dual core E5400 works perfect
Then I bought the Xeon E5450
I put it.
It starts twice, and on the 3rd start appears “windows is preparing to repair”, or something similar
Can you Help me?
Thank you

@Urca - If you put in correct microcode in mod BIOS, and BIOS works, then let windows do it’s thing, it’s probably installing updates or installing something for the new CPU etc.

OK. At start up, BIOS recognize Xeon E5450
I will leave Windows to uograde the system and will see
Thank you

Hi, may I ask what program / procedure you have been used to update for the LGA775 Bios?

I used the software recomended by @Marchestat upper in this post (AFUWIN 4.40) using "110902smod.rom" of @Lost_N_BIOS.
For me works correctly and I believe upgrade BIOS with mod microcodes (CPU-Z shows instruction SSSE4.1)

I put Xeon E5450 again and is working. CPU-Z shows Xeon E5450 but W10 System shows Dual Core E5400
Yes, yet I am working with 2 cores an 2 threads.
Do I have to install W10 again? or you know other option.
I don´t want shutdown pc…
Do you help me?
Thank you

Thanks for answering. AFUWIN seems a flash tool. I was actually asking what tool has been used to insert the Microcodes in the BIOS. MMTool?

Yes, AFUWIN is to flashear BIOS, to insert microcodes in ROM archive you must use "MMTOOL_3.22_1B_21Fix-BKMOD.EXE" for AMI BIOS. Fpr Phoenix or Award I don´t know.

@Hr_KaLeu - Depends on the BIOS type, MMtool or various CBROM versions (depending on BIOS), or Phoenix BIOS Editor

@Urca - You can try in device manager, uninstall CPU and reboot. If that does not work, I’m sure there is some way but I don’t know, best to do a clean install or a repair/in-place reinstall (This leaves all your stuff installed and in place)

@Lost_N_BIOS A question: Can I use this modded bios in another motherboard? Same model, just another one. Or does it come with MAC and some other things?

@kanutinbonbin - What BIOS, what post #? Ohh, BIOS at post #4? If yes, looks like only stock BIOS I modified, not user dump or anything like that, so you’re good to go using it

Hi! umm i have a pemtium dual core e5200 and i have the same motherboard you have a bios with the oc settings? becouse i need extra performance.and the microcodes tho to put a xeon on the future and how i install the custom bios?sorry and thank you PD:sorry my english is bad i am from argentina