[XP] Creative Sound Blaster x7 USB works but Any proper Mod here?

I got this Creative x7 USB card with future compatibility in mind (as it was designed for Windows, MacOS, Android, iOS, Bluetooth, PS4 etc)

Sound works on XP with forced Vista INF drivers via device manager but only 2 speakers

Their Mixer app starts but does Not detect sound card (obviously fair enough )


I got 5.1 surrounded sound along with all settings by following these steps:
01. Installed Vista drivers, set speaker systems from (Control Panel > Sound and Audio devices > Advance button)
02. Kept computer on Stand-by
03. Paired up Bluetooth device and used SB X Control App (you’ve to search Play/App store), and set everything else the way i wanted
04. Resumed from Stand-by and all speakers were working as set