XP: Had a 5 series running under ahci - got new laptop, can't get 8 series to boot.

Senior Fernando,

My development laptop image is a xp, win7 32, win7 64 setup.
I have managed to move this hard drive from a dual core to an i3 that had a 5 series chipset and xp was running under ahci there.

I now have have a nice dell inspiron i7 laptop that has a series 8 chipset.
I have the win7 partitions booting ok as you would expect but the xp partition gives a stop 7b upon boot and the is no IDE mode in this laptop bios.

So, I made a copy of \windows\system32\drivers\iastor.sys on the xp partition and downloaded what I thought would be the right file from your site here and plopped iastor.sys from the zip in \windows\system32\drivers but fear I chose incorrectly as it still gives a stop 7b.

Can I just drop the new iastror.sys into \windows\system32\drivers and ignore all the setup.inf cat files and other things in an F6 driver image?
Can you point me to the correct file to download this in bewildering! :slight_smile:

iastor.sys is set to start code of 0 in the xp registry btw.

Thank in advance.

@bitman :
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The driver itself may work even with your Intel 8-Series SATA AHCI Controller, but the associated original INF file doesn’t work, because the correct HardwareIDs of your current system are missing.
My advice: Integrate the mod+signed Intel AHCI driver v11.2.0.1006 into an original XP SP3 CD according >this< guide and do a fresh XP installation.

Dieter (alias Fernando)

Thanks for the reply.

It’s quite a fortress I don’t wish to rebuild.
I was thinking I might have to do that though.

Do you think an xp repair with such an integrated CD would work as well?
I’m a pc tech and have done many an XP repair for various reasons, but not this one. :slight_smile:

You may try it. If you get the chance to load a suitable AHCI driver, navigate to my “Universal 32bit Intel RST driver v11.2.0.1006 mod+signed”, highlight the iaAHCI.inf file and choose the correct DeviceID of your onboard Intel SATA AHCI Controller.

I’m gonna make a trueimage tib of the drive Monday and give it a go Tuesday when I can verify the tib is sound.
I saw it “documented” elsewhere on the internet today that a repair with the "ahci integrated’ CD is indeed possible.

Another reason XP was the best and most complete OS done by MS. We can do a repair install.

So onward and upward.
I’ll report back one way or another.

Windows XP is neither supported by Microsoft, nor by Intel or AMD on modern platforms.

So stop whining! Run your damn XP in a virtual machine! Use VirtualBox, VMware Player or Hyper-V!
Or better: stop using XP for your daily tasks!

XP is an abomination in every detail! Just look at the various .NET Frameworks you need to install to run your programs.
.NET FW 1.1/2.0/3.0/3.5/4.0 - if they all are installed, your XP runs at a sluggish pace!

Every day some grandpa asks for XP on his new damn computer! FORGET IT!
It is not supported anymore and using it only exposes you to viruses, hackers, bugs, exploits, errors,…

PS: XP even lacks HD audio support without a patch from Microsoft and itt is not USB 3.0 ready.

Well while a clean XP PRO install with a ntlite cd to a spare hard drive works, properly installing the intel series 8 hd controller driver “added by fernando”.

A repair install on the prized partition not so much.

The repair using the same nlite cd goes through the repair process as you wouldd expect it to do seeing the ahci connected windows install and runs through the repair wizard as expected but upon completion the next reboot results in a 7b stop.

I set the failing xp partition to atapi mode so I could boot it in another lesser laptop and uninstalled all the old intel stuff even in hidden devices in device manager. But after that the repair install still runs then still dies after it’s done.

I noticed that at the very least, the repair install in the isStor service in the registry, the ImagePath key is non existent. Adding it with the required string System\drivers\iaStor.sys does not fix it as it looks like a whole host of stuff in the registry is not there with respect to the iaStor components when compared to the clean install HKLM Hive.

I have only begun to fight. - thanks for the drivers Fernando.

@bitman :
If you are able to boot into XP after having set the Intel SATA Controller to “IDE” mode, there is another option to get the old OS partition working in AHCI mode.
Precondition is, that you should know the exact DeviceID of the on-board Intel SATA AHCI Controller.
This is what you can try to do:

  1. Boot into XP in IDE mode.
  2. Open the Device Manager, expand the section “IDE ATA/ATAPI Controllers” and search for the Intel SATA Controller (will be named “Standard Dual Channel PCI IDE Controller”), where your system drive C: is connected.
  3. Right click onto the related Controller and update the driver software by using my mod+signed “Universal 32bit Intel RST driver v11.2.0.1006”. Since the driver is “wrong” for your currently in IDE mode running Intel SATA Controller, you have to force the installation by using the “Have Disk” button, navigating to the file named iaAHCI.inf and choosing the listed Intel SATA AHCI Controller with the correct DeviceID. Ignore all warnings you will get!
  4. Reboot and enter immediately the BIOS while doing that.
  5. Switch the SATA mode of the Intel SATA Controller from “IDE” to “AHCI” and save this new BIOS setting.
  6. Restart the computer (finger crossed).

Good luck!


Why didn’t I think of that?
That’s a good ide-a.

I have a .reg that will take any drive from whatever controller to Microsoft std ata. And a dumb dual core machine to boot it.
I know what the dev id is.

I’ll try that tomorrow at the shop.

Sorry for taking so long to get back.

That worked. After changing the std ide to your sata driver and putting in the new machine,it started xp but then plug and play replaced your driver. I didn’t realize that but after some devices were found and it wanted to reboot I was back to the 7b.

Once I figured out what was going on, I started over and when pnp was done, before the restart I changed back to the fernando drivers and pnp never changed it again after that.
Sadly however, ultimately I had to go back to my old i3 because the new i7 has a HasWell chip and what xp video drivers for that 4400 out there all stop 50 upon reboot. I think just to toy with us. I gave the i7 to my wife who is on win7.