I’m quite new to this forum (very technical)_and was a bit out of my depth (still am!)__but I have managed to install XP PRO 64 on an AsRock X99 motherboard (can’t believe it!)__and a 32 bit XP on Z97 (X64 failed)__which may work on another board. Anyway now I’ve got this install of XP PRO 64 there is the nightmare of finding drivers that will work.

One of the NICs’ was covered as it installed manually (Qualcomm)__the other (Intel I218V)_no such luck and un-supported.

Lots of the base system devices need a driver which just isn’t available so far but I can get the hardware ID’s and if there is a source for these I could download them, install them manually and back them up ! - Please help with this, thank you !

FWIW there was another install on Vista x64 (which is AHCI V1 compatible)_so it was possible to upgrade the base systems with a right-click in the device manager and it was a long list for the X99 Wellsburgh MEI and associated XEON / i7 devices but it was still possible to do this and also use Driver Pack to pick up some of the drivers to begin with as Vista is not supported (but still no I218V LAN).

Any helpful suggestions most welcome as this has been a troublesome process but has gone quite well and with some positive assistance could go even better - Thank you -