XP SP3 64bit drivers for HP Z440 Workstation


I manage to install XP SP3 64Bit OS on new HP Z440 Workstation using guide from this forum.

But now I can not find drivers anywhere.

Please if someone knows something, or a place where I can download them, please respond.

I am becoming desperate…

@ NicolaRancic:
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For which devices (name and HardwareIDs) do you search XP drivers?

>This< Station-Drivers site is the best resource for drivers I know.

Good luck!
Dieter (alias Fernando)

Ethernet Controller

Nvidia Quadro 2200 graphics

Base System Device

Base System Device

PCI Device

PCI Simple Communication controller

Unknown device

There are more but I think this would be enough.
Can You help?

Do you really think, that I have a driver collection for all devices and Operating Systems? All I can do is a Google search for the DeviceID and XP, but this can be done by yourself as well.
By the way: The correct DeviceID of the Ethernet Controller is DEV_15A0 and not DEV_15AO.

I know, sorry.

I just wanted to ask to help with just one from this list.
I spent last 2 days trying, googling, digging… but I found nothing.
On HP site there are no XP drivers at all.

This is probably sign that this hardware does not support XP any more.
I found your forum so I thought just to ask for help and opinion.

Sorry once again.

Exactly this is the reason. No hardware manufacturer has developed and released XP drivers for devices, which were produced later than 2010.
Maybe >this< site will help you to find a Windows XP x64 driver for some of your listed devices nevertheless.

How are you Guys , I need your help really , i need to install Xp on z440 but i can’t do that can you help me in that since you manage to install it

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i need to install Xp on z440 but i can't do that can you help me in that since you manage to install it
>Here< is my guide about how to do it.
If you want a more detailed help, you should give us some additional informations about
a) the Chipset resp. Southbridge of your system and
b) the SATA mode (IDE/AHCI/RAID) of the on-board Intel SATA Controller.

I have no idea about the chip now
But the SATA mode (IDE/AHCI ) choice it is AHCI

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I have no idea about the chip now
Without knowing the exact chipset of your system or the HardwareIDs of the on-board Intel SATA AHCI Controller you will not be able to get Windows XP installed in AHCI mode.
If you have currently any Windows OS running. you can check the HardwareIDs by doing the following:
1. Run the Device Manager.
2. Expand the section "IDE ATA/ATAPI Controllers".
3. Right-click onto the listed AHCI Controller and choose the options "Properties" > "Details" > "Property" > "HardwareIDs".
The only important thing is the DeviceID (DEV_XXXX).