XP/W2k3 x86 on Modern Hardware

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Can someone answer me some questions because I cant find clear answers to some of my questions (different statements from the same or different sources/sites/forums) and for some others things/questions, im not 100% sure:

  1. Is it posssible to install Windows XP SP3 32bit and WIndows 10 64bit on the same SSD with separate partitions or do I need two separate SSDs?
  2. Does XP 32bit support only MBR… would it work if one partition of the same drive is partitioned as MBR (for XP) and the second partition of the same drive partitioned as GPT (for Win 10)? And is there any issues with SSD and MBR?
  3. Can we install Windows XP SP3 32bit from USB flash drive from modern motherboards and/or from Bluray drive/readers (I mean CD/DVD -/+ R burned discs on Bluray drives)?
  4. If 2.2 TB HDD is the limit for the 32 bit OS, can we split a 4/6/8 TB HDD/SDD to multiple 2TB partitions or is that still not possible/usable with 32bit OS-es?
  5. Is it right that Intel Ivy Bridge CPUs and AMD Vishera aka AMD FX Series CPUs (CPU, Chipsets, Motherboard etc.) are the latest hardware which officially support Windows XP 32bit? If true… then whats the latest unofficial supported hardware (CPU series) for Windows XP SP3 32bit and are there any disadvantages compared to “official supported” CPUs/Chipsets?
  6. Now, regarding SATA drivers and “slipstreaming” it to WIndows XP SP3 32bit installation disc:
    Do I need to look ONLY for specific chipset (independently of a specific motherboard manufacturer or motherboard model etc.) or in another words, do all the motherboards which share the same chipset actually support the same SATA drives or not and can we add/slipstream multiple SATA drivers on the same Windows XP 32bit installation disc?

Here is the thing and why so many questions… I want to build a SINGLE gaming PC for all my older and newer games with both Win XP 32bit and Win 10 64bit (dual boot) but the problem is, if I build a PC out of parts from 2011/12 (Sandy Bridge, Ivy Bridge…) or so it would be harder (maybe even more expensive) to find parts and maybe the CPU from 2011 would not be that good for games from 2017-19 which means, I should buy parts which would be as newest and strongest/advanced as possible for new/upcomming games but at the same time to keep the legacy support for my older games (games designed for 98/2000/XP) and we all know that Win 7/8/10 and even 64bit OSes in general have some or in some cases many compatibility issues/obstacles with older games. I mean, there are many osbstacles with AHCI/IDE and SATA drivers, 32bit/64bit, MBR/GPT… so, im not quite sure what to do.

It would be the best to build a PC based on the Skylake, Kaby Lake, Coffe Lake etc. but is it actually possible to make it happen without any issues on Windows XP SP3 32bit?
Would scenario 1 be possible?

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