XP32 install CPU related


I’ve been doing some XP installs that have gone very well. X86 & X64.

The current install is XP32 PRO on X99. Everything is great apart from the CPU (5820K)_does not show in the device manager. The system does recognize the 5820 K as the CPU for the system but only 1 core shows in HW MONITOR. Everything else is represented in the device manager which is great.

It would be appreciated if someone could explain if this is possible to work around.

I’ve checked the hardware ID in device manager to be "ACPI\GENUINE_INTEL_X86_family_6_model_63____driver_version__6.0.6001.18000__Microsoft__21.06.2006 (June_2006)

The driver is "on ACPI module device"

I could access this on Vista 32 or XP64___If someone could explain exactly how to do this eg__the correct directory to copy if this is possible.

Thanks in advance