XP941 AHCI driver for Windows 8.1

I recently made a fresh install of Windows 8.1 onto a Samsung XP941 256GB M.2. After the installation I noticed that the chipset driver was not installed (although I installed the intel INF installer) and the AHCI controller is the Microsoft AHCI. When I try to install the Intel RST software it says it is not compatible with the current installation. When I tried to upgrade the controller driver to intel it gave me the notice that the driver was not compatible and asked if I wanted to load it anyways.
Is the MSAHCI driver the correct driver for my M.2? Or, which driver and how should I load up the driver to install??? Is there a way change from AHCI to RAID and use the RAID controller ???

My bios settings are configured to use the AHCI controller and I installed w/ Secure boot keys loaded, with CSM on and UEFI for the storage and boot parameters.

dev manager.PNG


Yes, according to my experiences with the Sansung XP941 there is only the generic MS AHCI driver, which natively supports this M.2 PCIe connected SSD.

I didn’t yet find any other driver, which can be used.

M.2 PCI-Express based SSDs like the Samsung XP941 do not support the usual SATA features. I don’t know any way to switch the Interface mode of such PCIe connected SSDs (to IDE or RAID mode).