Yoga 370 fix bios region


Can you help fix my region on ThinkPad Yoga 370 ??

I try but still error :frowning:

File bios:

thanks for help.

More details are needed. What is the attached file, something you tried to modify, if yes is it a dump or stock downloaded BIOS? Do you have a dump before this happened? If yes, please upload the original backup before this happened.
What are you trying to do that caused this?


In file you have bios with works with this laptop. I bought him without bios chip for repair. Laptop now works but i need wait 40 sec for first screen.

Update that ancient version of ME Analyzer and follow [Guide] Clean Dumped Intel Engine (CS)ME/(CS)TXE Regions with Data Initialization on your dump. If the problem is CSME firmware related then that’s all you need.

I was try do this. But something does not works to me. Can anyone prepare a file for me?

I maked this:

- Everything is good but im lose SSD NVMe m.2 support. Not detected.

You didn’t follow the CleanUp Guide properly, all settings are wrong. Attached is the proper one. I suggest you try to create the same image yourself in order to understand.

Yoga370_mp183jhr_fix.rar (5.74 MB)