Yoga 370 (thinkpad) SVP removal Request/need help!

Hi Everyone,

i read for hours und googled even longer for a way to set back or bypass the supervisor password for my Yoga370.

As far as i understand i have following chances to do that:

[ ] Somebody here knows what to rewrite in the uefi-bios.bin to get the Job done
[ ] The (maybe - maybe not) supersecret leaked code from allservice(.ro) gets spread around the internet which seems to work even without their key
[ ] Its still possible to overwrite the SVP with zero´s like DasLabor mentioned. (Sry its german if google translator doesn´t help i can translate)

But i am still not sure if i use the hex editor correct

Am i correct?

My setup:

MyImage on googleDrive if someone want to have with it.

The informations i already extracted:


I also atached the UEFI-Tool report tothis thread.

I am thankful for every hint that gets me any further! (334 KB)

Is my request that foolish or does just nobody knows the answer ?

If it is foolish please give me a hint why it is :- /

password is saved in the EC not bios.
allservice has it’s methode to overwrite the last (secure) page of the ec to remove the password.
the old guide with shorting pins is obsolete with models equal/newer than the #40 series.

Thank you very much !