you helped me heal my old dell

I have an old Dell Inspiron 15r 5521 that kept on shutting down every 30 minutes. I thought it was temperature related issue and repasted the heatsink. Turns out it was corrupted Intel ME. Took me some time to browse this forum and follow the detailed guides and finally I did it. I reflashed ME with stock version tweaked earlier in fitc. Now the old notebook works fine and I glimpsed the arcane knowledge of bios modding.

I just wanted to thank you guys, @plutomaniac in particular, for this site and tremendous effort put into gathering all this info.

You’re welcome. Thank you for your kind words. Enjoy your repaired system.

@rostok - Great job fixing it up yourself and not having to ask for help
And of course, thanks for taking the time to stop in and drop some praise for plutomaniac