Z370 Maximus Hero X (no wi-fi) with mitigations disabled and more

Hey there! I’d love to have a bios with these settings and features enabled:

Features requested:
- Bios Version 2503 with all mitigations disabled (TSX, Spectre, Meltdown, etc) for the best performance
- Hpet setting

DRAM Features that i’d like enabled if possible:
- Trace Centering
- Power Down Disable
- Exit Power Down

CPU: i9-9900KS

Thanks in advance!


@Lost_N_BIOS did i do anything wrong in the post?

Oh, i forgot the link for the bios: https://dlcdnets.asus.com/pub/ASUS/mb/LG…O-ASUS-2503.ZIP

@Yahfz - No, nothing wrong in your post, sorry I am always buried here and can’t ever keep up with all incoming posts [expl
You do need to clarify your request. etc doesn’t tell me what you need, you have to be specific and exact. Tell me what exact settings you want changed, or that you need it made visible
And on TSX, please clarify what you’re talking about, is that some spectre/meltdown type patch (ie microcode), or are you talking about Intel TSX BIOS option/feature?

For the DRAM features you mentioned, I think those are in area I can’t make visible to you, so I would just enable those as you requested (if not already enabled).
Nope, please clarify on those too, none of what you mentioned is in this BIOS in the area I was thinking about. So they are either not in this BIOS, or you do not have the correct exact names used in this BIOS.

I have already modified this BIOS here at post #77 with the following change log

Enable following BIOS Options -
1. HPET option
2. TCO Timer
3. IOAPIC 24-119
4. XHCI Legacy
5. XHCI Hand-off
6. USB KB/Mouse Sim
7. SPD Write Disable
8. CPU SMM submenu (ALL inner contents)
9. Legacy IO Low Latency
Due to the way certain things are suppressed, other than mention settings may also now be revealed in BIOS

- CPU Microcode edit to pre-Spectre/Meltdown for i7-8600K/906EA
- Removed 906EA Rev D6 (4/27/2020) >> Replaced with Rev 70 (8/23/2017)
** Also made same BIOS without this microcode change **

Do you want me to make your requested changes, on top of one of these BIOS?

@Lost_N_BIOS Oh LOL! I thought i was doing something wrong hahaha, thanks for clarifying.

I went ahead asked a friend to add the microcode that i wanted. Link for the bios: https://files.sshnuke.net/M10H_2503_B0.7z

so now the only things i want are the following:

1. HPET option
2. You mentioned that none of DRAM Features are found in the bios, which is weird
so maybe try looking for these? “PPD” or “tXP” or “Trace Centering”. In the case you actually find “Trace Centering” but can’t make it visible to me you can just set it to enabled by default.

If you can’t find any of these options then its fine, i think you don’t need to modify anything i’ll just flash the bios my friend sent me with the b0 microcode so i don’t waste your time.