z390 aorus master-hpet,intel ME,spread spectrum.


Im new here and probably you have a lot of petitions.

If it is fine for you,i want to request a bios mod for the F11o variant 1 modded by KedarWolf (I have asked for his permission first) with unlocked options: (if cannot unlock just disabled)

-Spread spectrum (not sure if this suppose just 1 option or some individual options,i never had a gigabyte mobo with this option,maybe it depends on the manufacturer)
-Hpet (which was done in this forum for another bios i cant post the link)
-Intel ME/CSME disabled.

This F11o if im not wrong is based on official F11o,have the "fastest" microcodes and some updates,is working perfect for some users including me,thats why i request the change there.
I can try to disable intel ME with the tool "coffee time" but in the readme.txt says that it have the microcodes updated to last version,thats why i dont want to use that cause i want the same microcodes included in this bios.

Thank you a lot for your time.

F11o.part1.rar (5 MB)

F11o.part2.rar (1.56 MB)