Z490 Aorus Master, Disable HPET and mod please?

Hi can anyone do this using F6 bios.

Also i cant update to F6 it says OME ID mismatch?

@Ercanks9 - You should be able to update to F6 via Qflash, unless you have some odd mod BIOS already in there?
Here, you can update to F6, use this 0.84 EFIFlash - Flashing Gigabyte while avoiding “Invalid BIOS image” (17)
Use /DB switch, so both BIOS get flashed to same

Then, Qflash in this mod BIOS after above - https://www.sendspace.com/file/2zhpjm
After flash, load optimized defaults, save and reboot back to BIOS, then make all changes you want.

Love you brother! <3 will that mod disable Hpet?

@Ercanks9 - You’re welcome! Yes, HPET is hard disabled in that BIOS.
Please be sure to see my thoughts and testing info/image here for HPET, in case you previously did anything with BCDEdit, look under “Change Log” area for HPET stuff
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F7A bios has just came out can you please do it do it for that one too brother?

@Ercanks9 - Flash in via Qflash - After flash, load optimized defaults, save and reboot back to BIOS, then make all changes you want.

Bro! F20B is out now can you do your magic <3 also can you unlock any secret settings if possible? Much love my brother!

Windows 10 enable/disable hpet:

Tap on the Windows-key, enter cmd and select to run the command prompt with administrative privileges.
To enable HPET as the only timer run the command bcdedit /set useplatformclock true
To disable HPET in Windows run the command bcdedit /deletevalue useplatformclock

Disable windows game mode
Tap on the Windows-key,select settings,click on Gaming,turn off gaming mode,game bar,background recording

your device is still supported and highly likely will receive further updates.it would be best to disable it on OS level

F20B is the latest bios if possible can you tweak it for lowest possible latency? Also on 20H2 disabled windows LTS no longer updating. Please disable HPET on Bios level bro! <3

Hi there,

I’m also interested in getting the modded bios for the latest F20d bios please

it would be much appreciated :wink:

Anyone still active ?


1. Do you only need the HPET feature? I can let this option visible in bios interface. But why i only can find the bios version f20 in the gigabyte official website? no f20b?

2. There are two ways you could choose to reflash mod bios on this mainboard.
a) Use a modified Efiflash.efi ,you can find it at this thread.
Inside Efiflash.efi version of Z490 Aorus Master is 0.95.

b) This is a mid-high end mainboard ,so you could consider to attemp Q-flash plus button to reflash mod bios.

3. Please capture screenshots under Settings-> IO Port and Settings-> Miscellaneous ,thanks.


I would need HPET feature, RFI settings, Spread spectrum and any other usefull mod

I tried to unlock them with amibcp with bios F20, when flashing it with efiflash i cant see the unhidden features (i selected "user" on amibcp)

Any help would be really appreciate