Z490 Aorus Master modded bios please

hi hope everyone is doing well, can some make a modded bios for the Z490 AORUS MASTER (rev. 1.x)

F8b and F20 please, with the hpet toggle disable and other upgrades. thank you and please help

I don’t why but on f20 bios I’m getting a avx -1 offset all the time :man_shrugging:


Hi~chingming ,i can help you out to edit this bios , you need to prepare something at first.

1) First upgrade the bios version to f20 then make a bios dump with this tool then attach. (run dump.bat as administrator)

2) Capture a screenshots from Setting => IO Ports and Platform Power and Miscellaneous .

as requested is attached, thank you… can you remove the avx -1 offset?


As requested


1) This bios file is not i request ,you provided was from gigabyte official ,not backup from intel fpt tool.

2) What’s “avx -1 offset” meaning ? could you explain it clearly or it’s one of options in bios?
if yes ,please capture again.

Of course ,i can do a mod base on official bios then you need flash it via a cracked efiflash.exe ,see below links to find them.

Flashing Gigabyte while avoiding “Invalid BIOS image” (18)

But by some user’s feedback ,write speed seems very slow ,it may take over 30minutes ,so i choose let you use intel fpt to dump current bios then i will edit this dump.
(If on a amd platform ,user must use cracked efiflash.exe to do it)

I will give you a mod tomorrow ,mainly is inject HPET and others.
It’s my sleep time right now ,see you next time ,good luck.


Here is your mod , it need flashed via a cracked efiflash.exe.
After successful flash ,let me know the result ,thanks.(Please view readme.txt)

Thank you so much