Z490-f gaming bricked after bios update

I had to assemble a PC with this Z490-F Gaming motherboard and an i7-1700K CPU. Upon the first boot, the CPU LED was red and flashing. I understood that I needed to update the BIOS, and I performed the update using the USB flashback method. I didn’t read the ASUS notice, which said, “Before BIOS update, please download Intel ME update tool from ASUS support site, and update ME firmware to Version to ensure optimized system settings.” I updated the BIOS, and everything seemed fine until the system executed an Intel ME update and shut down permanently. My attempts to reflash it were unsuccessful. Searching online, I found several people who had the same issue, and some of them resolved it with ch341a.
Can someone extract the files for the two flashes from the CAP file?


Same as here, perform the instructions on extracting and joining the images.

But first get a reading of the SPI as it is, with the programmer, doesn’t matter the corruption, we need to save as much from the mage regarding original board data, SN, DMI, MAC, UUID etc… assuming that you don’t have any previous backups.
Good luck.

EDIT: You should, the data may be on the 128 but i don’t own this model to assure you this info.

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i have to read both spi ?

here is my dump https://file.io/8SAzA8ARRgOn

Now use FD44 Editor to transfer data from dump to finished image.

EDIT: My friend… i gave all you the info you need and links to similar users you have to do the same process a you, no its your turn to read then and get further directions.
So please start reading and learning, as its your task and time, not mine.

By opening it with the editor, I can copy to clipboard and transfer MAC address, UID, etc., and then? Reading the tutorial, I understood that I need to extract the FD from the ASUS website’s capsule file to put it on the 64MB flash. Thank you very much for the valuable assistance you are providing. How do I proceed after copying the unique data of my board to the clipboard?