Z490 XII Apex Fan control unlock


I Lack the skills to do this myself so i thought why Not ask here.
The Asus Bios Has Fan settings at a locked Minimum % that You cant Go further down.

For example the min duty % on some Fans is 40% or 50% and I cant put my Fans lower than that which Results in 1000RPM which is way too loud.
Same Fans could be run on z270 Asus Bios down to 10% and lower.
But Asus changed that since z370.
On msi Bios i can Put 1-100% in 1% steps but on Asus Bios you cant Go under 40%.

So my question would be, could you take a look at the bios and see if you could remove this lock, so Fans can be Put lower than 40%?

If i could go down to 15% that would be perfect.

ht tps://drive.google.com/file/d/1dw0-MLeNH…4T2LU5ubeN/view

Thanks in advance