Z590 Intel Management Engine Interface drivers w/ Win 8.1

I’ve gotten all drivers including the Intel i225-v ethernet driver (via extremely simple steps), INF chipset, etc. to work and install in my new Windows 8.1 64-bit Intel Z590 system. The only thing I can’t figure out are the Intel MEI drivers.

I can’t find anywhere that offers steps to allow these IMEI drivers to install on systems other than Win 10. No “modded” or “hacked” versions, no steps on simply editing some text files (like with the ethernet driver) to allow the install to process, nothing. I keep getting the following:


Motherboard: Gigabyte Z590 Aorus Ultra
CPU: Intel i5-10600K

Can anyone assist with this?

Download the Intel MEI Driver Only for Windows 8, 10 <= 1703:
Intel (Converged Security) Management Engine: Drivers, Firmware and Tools

Add the device ID to heci.inf and install the driver.

If you don’t know the ID, download the Win10 driver and you’ll find it.

Thanks so much:

  1. OK, I also downloaded the Win 10 driver and checked the INF file. In my PC’s device manager, I’m assuming I have to get the device ID of the “PCI Simple Communications Controller” which is:
    and find that same ID in the Win 10 INF file which is:
    %TEE_DeviceDesc1%=TEE_DDI_x64, PCI\VEN_8086&DEV_43E0 ;ME15.0 - TGL-H
    then copy that exact line (from Win 10 INF file) and paste it into the same section in the Win 8.1 INF file. Is that correct?
  2. Do I have to do that also with any other devices in device manager or any other IDs (I also have “Network Controller” with an exclamation mark)?
  3. Do I paste the device line from the Win 10 INF under the Win 8.1 INF’s [Intel.ntamd64.10.0] section or [Intel.ntamd64.6.2] section? I thought 64.6.3 is Win 8.1 yet that doesn’t exist in the INF…

OK, now I’m even more confused. The “Intel MEI Driver Only for Windows 8, 10 <= 1703” INF wouldn’t install due to some hash error or something so I restarted Windows without driver signature enforcement. After that, the IMEI INF installed successfully WITHOUT having my device’s ID added into the IMEI driver’s INF file. How could that be?

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can you tell us if did you install the driver and work fine