Z68P-DS3 (Rev 1.0) trying to flash from F9 to UEFI but I found too much advice

this is my PC:
i7-3770k (the whole reason I want to flash is so I can overclock this)
2x 8gb 1600Mhz overclocked to 1866Mhz (wondering if I flash, will I be able to keep overclock?)
GTX 970 at stock
Windows 10
SATA Samsung SSD 250GB

I found these links but the problem is I have no idea if I should flash to U1A or modded U1A or U1C. One of the links says that if I flash to U1C then I won’t be able to use Windows 10. If true then that’s a dealbreaker for me. I just want to overclock my CPU and keep using Windows 10.

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pastebin. /QF7AejZf

add in a com

The moded U1A contains the NVMe dxe for use of NVMe drives… then u have the U1C original or moded that Gigabyte gave to the user yabay, seems that he had Win10 and 7 on both versions working…review
all messages in his topic u linked and u can confirm it.

there are a couple modded U1a downloads from the tweaktown links

should I choose U1a original or modded or U1c? If U1c, do I need U1a first?

We dont have time to do a "bible" reading… thats ur job.
Wot i stated is my reading of the post here on this forum (u linked) about the user yabay.
Again the moded files r moded for NVMe…if u dont need NVMe, them use only the original bios files.
If ur using the old legacy bios versions (< F.9), then YES u should first update by normal instructions from Gigabyte, to the first UEFI U1A, then U1C.
Regarding the best choice between U1A or 1AC… thats ur choice to read user testemunhes and their experiences and u doing ur own tests.
Im sure that u noticed that the file U1C was provided AS IS by Gigabyte to a user request and was not a public official bios, wot else do want assurance of?
U have to run ur own test, see wots suits u better and take the chances… as we all do when engaging in bios beta/moded etc…
Dont want to take any risks then stay put, period.

Now if ur not satisfied with my personal view of this and need more opinions, wait for more users to comment this or maybe some user still using
this model… may see it and give ur is point of view.